510 Thread Batteries

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510 Thread Battery

Learn more about what they are, how 510 thread batteries work and how to chose the right one for you.

Vape cart batteries come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of features. There's an overwhelming amount of batteries on the market, that come in a wide array of styles, features, and specs - which can make selecting a 510 thread battery super challenging. Puffmen helps, by only showing you the highest quality, compliant and most importantly - safe 510 thread batteries. If you want to learn more - keep reading! We want every customer to understand what product is right for them, and why. Whether you're a discreet vaper, who wants help selecting his/her next vape pen, or you're a shop owner looking to educate your customers, this brief guideline will give you the info you need.

What's a 510 thread battery?

Vape pens have a few major components: the tip, tank and atomizer make up the cartridge, and then there’s the battery you attach the cart to via the standard 510 thread. The battery is the component which stores, and transfers, the correct amount of power to the atomizer. It's more than just a simple normal battery. It contains circuits that carefully controlthe amount of power being transferred. There's also LED's/displays, which show you the power level, and help you optimize the vaping experience by letting you change things like voltage. Different oild and different cartridges require different amount of heat – voltage, and this should be recommended by your dispensary or retailer.

Once the 510 thread battery sends power to the atomizer a ceramic coil(in our case, never use wick), heats up and vaporizes the oil in the vape cart. Essentially, the battery is the power source and it manages the transfer of power to the atomizer during the vaping process itself. All of these components have to work together. If they don't, then the experience isn't great, to say the least. Not every oil will work well with every cart. Not every 510 thread battery will work well with every cart, and some may not even fit right.  

What are 510 thread batteries

510 is a term used to describe a thread design. It's a term used to describe a style which has been adopted in the industry for a range of products. 

Vape pen batteries come in a range of voltages, and variable voltage styles. The common range is between 2.6v and 4.8v. In general, any stylus/slim pens have a similar range, which you can then adjust to allow as low as 2.6v. This is enough power for a basic polycarbonate style oil cart, but isn't enough for a ceramic or wickless ceramic cart. These types of carts offer a high quality vapor, and require voltage of 3.7v or higher. Finding the right voltage depends on the resistance and type of atomizer, but also vastly dependant on oil intake hole size and the viscosity of the concentrate. The optimal temperature is anywhere from 280 to 350 for most oils. Lower voltage means more pure vapor, but a much lighter hit. It's recommended you start low, and work your way up to find the ideal temperature for your particular oil. 

mAh - what is it?

The mAh rating, milliamp hour, is a great way to understand how long the 510 thread battery will remain charged for. The higher the mAh rating, the longer the vape pen will remain charged. 

Choosing the right vape cart

There are many variables that go into choosing the right oil vape cart. There's four major categories of oil vape carts. The first is the classic, plastic vape cart, which works great on low voltage batteries, but should not be used at all due to harmful emissions of plastic and wick exposed to high temps. The second generation is a glass vape cart, which uses a similar design with glass casing - it's a higher quality design but has the same harmful effects. The third removes the wire coil, in exchange for a ceramic heating element. This requires an average voltage of 3.5 to 4.0v depending on the oil formulation. The fourth generation is a wickless ceramic cart, which contains a ceramic heating element which doesn't use a wick or cotton to absorb the oil. For this type of vape cart, you need a 510 thread battery which can push at least 3.7 volts. Ideally, you need a variable volt battery, or a fixed 3.7+ volt battery.  

Types of 510 Thread Vape Pen Batteries

There are many types of 510 thread batteries.

Buttonless Stylus Battery: It's known as an auto draw or a slim vape pen. It's the common type of vape pen you'll find. The biggest drawback of this type of battery is that you have to make sure to buy a bottom airflow cartridge; otherwise it simply will not work. The other big issue, especially for colder climates, is that there’s no pre-heat option on this type of battery. As a rule, this is the cheapest battery you can buy and these usually contains cheap components that aren't reliable long term. 

Vape batteries with a button: This in our opinion is the way to go. These can be fixed or variable voltage, and most of the time includes the pre-heat function. Another thing to look out for is a cut off, which is usually set for 10 seconds. This is important in the event that you leave the battery on while in your pocket and trigger it, if there’s no cut off, it will simply overheat and may even blow up. It is important to always turn off your battery when not in use. The variable voltage, the pre-heat function and the activation are all controlled via a single button by a series of clicks. The industry standard 5 times to turn on or off, 2 times to pre heat and 3 times to cycle through the variable voltages. When selecting your voltage, or heat level, as some call it – you need to be very aware of the optimal temperature range for the oil in your cartridge.

The perfect experience is a result of proper hardware and an informed operator. So please have your facts in order, feel free to reach out to us with any questions, and #vapeon.