With numerous manufacturers producing vape carts, it is important to understand that vape carts vary dramatically in terms of the standards and materials that they are produced with. These factors directly impact the quality of the product and the user experience. China is home to more than 600 vape cart production facilities, but only four of those facilities are in full compliance with accepted international product safety and manufacturing standards. The Ultraflo vape carts from Puffmen are produced in a certified facility in Shenzhen that meets all ISO and cGMP compliance standards. This is one of only four certified facilities in China. 

Puffmen vape carts are well-designed using quality ceramic heating elements to ensure a consistently excellent user experience. Our X-Pro collection has been innovatively designed to produce unwavering quality across the entire vape cart. This is one of the most essential yet more often overlooked features of a well-designed vape cart. While using quality oil is critical, the quality will not carry through the cartridge and provide the user with an amazing experience if the vape cart lacks thorough and consistent heating. 

At Puffmen, we focus heavily on producing quality vape carts that offer reliable, consistent performance. With approximately 15 to 20 million products sold annually, we maintain a stellar failure rate below 0.1 percent. More than that, we guarantee maintenance of a failure rate below 3 percent. One reason why Puffmen is able to stand behind that guarantee is because of our focus on the use of quality materials sourced from carefully-selected suppliers. These materials are assembled in certified facilities by reputable European and Chinese producers. The European Union has established criteria for the “Restriction of Hazardous Substances,” which includes regulations for toxic materials that may be in other e-cigarettes. We are proud to state that our products are RoHS-certified and compliant. 

To ensure the quality of each vape cart that carries the Puffmen label, our products must pass through a rigorous quality control process. Our quality control team thoroughly reviews all aspects of our products and compiles a detailed report of their findings. Any products that do not meet our exceptional quality standards are improved as needed before being shipped. Through an intensive quality control inspection process, we take the additional step to ensure that our products meet your high expectations consistently. 

We maintain well-stocked warehouses throughout the United states that are ready to immediately ship vape carts and 510-thread batteries to you. We also offer private-label products. The entire design, packaging and shipping process for private labeling can be completed within 12 business days. All of our products are sold with exceptional support from The Blinc Group, which is Puffmen’s parent company. We also can assist with formulation, incubation, filing, packaging, shipping and more. Rest assured that we have a solution that meets your needs.