When you're in the process of picking out a new vape cart model, you'll need to know more about the origin of the vape cart you're interested in to ensure that you make a good decision. Some vape cart manufacturers are better than others, and all of our Puffmen Ultraflo vape carts are manufactured at facilities that are certified by ISO and cGMP. Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China, and it's one of only four out of 600 vape cart factories in China to be compliant with international product safety standards. 

Our vape carts are equipped with ceramic heating elements for improved performance, and the carts in the top-of-the-line X-Pro collection provide even better performance from the top of the cart right down to the bottom. In the vape cart industry, creating a consistent user experience is all-important, but most companies don't focus on this critical factor as much as they should. Having great oil isn't enough; if you don't have the high-quality vape carts that are a perfect fit for your oil, the taste and quality of your cart suffer. 

Puffmen vape carts stand apart from the competition in terms of their low failure rates. Out top-selling products, which sell 15-20 million units per year, have average failure rates of 0.1 percent, and all of our cartridges have failure rates of less than 3 percent. We only work with reputable and certified manufacturers in the EU and China to source our vape cart components since we recognize that even the best vape cart can be hampered by inferior materials. To make sure that toxic materials don't end up in the environment, our vape carts are fully compliant with the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) initiative which seeks to reduce the waste created by electronic devices. 

You don't just get high-quality vape carts when you work with us at Puffmen to private label a new vape cart line. You also get the full support of an entire China-based team that's dedicated to offering quality control, sourcing, production, and logistics assistance. Once we've put together a new vape cart model for you, we'll give you a detailed report before giving you the opportunity to sign off on the project. Keep in mind that all of our products must pass our strict quality control standards before they're shipped; if any products fail the test, we'll start your entire over to ensure total transparency and consistent quality. 

We have a variety of warehouses throughout the United States, which means it's often possible to ship your order immediately. If you want to private label a vape cart line, on the other hand, we can ship to you in as little as 12 days. Remember that every product we sell comes with the full support of Puffmen's parent company, The Blinc Group. Whether you need a little bit of extra help with incubating, filling, formulation, packaging, or logistics, our dedicated client support team is standing by to deliver tried-and-true solutions that will help you succeed.