Amigo v5 Vape Carts

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Amigo v5 Vape Carts

When you think about buying a vape cart, it’s important you think about where the vape cart was produced, and quality. No two vape carts are alike, and no two vape cart manufacturers are the same. Vape carts sold by Puffmen are manufactured at full ISO and cGMP certified facilities in Shenzhen China. There are over 600 factories in China, yet only 4 are truly certified and adhere to all international standards - our products are manufactured in one of those four.

All vape carts sold by Puffmen come with ceramic heating elements, that ensure an even and consistent experience from the top, to bottom, of each cart. The experience of users is critical - and one of the most overlooked aspects of a vape cart. Many companies have amazing oil, yet the taste and quality doesn’t come through to the end user due to bad carts.

Another great reason to buy from Puffmen is our guaranteed low failure rate. We guarantee a rate under 3%. Our top selling products have sold over 15-20 million units per year, with an average failure rate below 0.1%. All of the materials sourced in our vape carts come from reputable, and certified, producers in China and Europe. We firmly believe that a product is only as good its constituent materials - as a result, we only pick the best materials. All of our products are RoHS certified and compliant, which means “Restriction of Hazardous Substances,” - a criteria formulated by the European Union(EU) to regulate the usage of toxic materials in electronic like e-cigs.

When you order a private labeled product from Puffmen, you’re getting a team - based in China, that is dedicated to quality control and handles everything from sourcing, to production, to final quality control, in addition to shipping and handling. At the end of the process, you have a full report on their findings, and you will have the authority to approve the order. If the vape carts don’t pass our QC limits, they get redone from scratch before shipped to you.

Many of our vape carts and 510 thread batteries are available for immediate shipping from warehouses all over the USA. If you would like a private labeled product, it can be designed, packaged, and shipped in as little as 12 business days. In addition, each product comes with full support from Puffmen’s parent company - The Blinc group. Regardless of whether you need help with formulation, filling, incubating, packaging, or logistics, we have a solution that will work for you.