Choosing a quality vape cartridge is an important decision. As you look for one, you must also consider the manufacturer and the company's standards for compliance and safety. Not all manufacturers use the same standards, and this means that not all vape carts are the same in terms of quality and reliability. In China, there are more than 600 factories. Less than five of those factories are fully certified for all international product safety and manufacturing standards, and Puffmen is one of those few. Puffmen is located in Shenzhen, and it is a facility with complete cGMP and ISO certification. 

Ceramic heating elements are used in each Puffmen vape cart. The X-Pro line is one of the latest developments, and it produces a consistent user experience in every way. Consistency is important to us, and it is something that many other vape cart manufacturers lack. When a vape cart's design does not promote consistency, the user experience can be disappointing. This is true even if the company uses high-quality oils. If the oil match or quality standards are not as good as they should be, users cannot fully enjoy the taste of top-quality oils. 

One reason why our customers are satisfied with us is because of our unusually low failure rate. Although our guaranteed failure rate maximum is three percent, we have maintained an average failure rate that is under 0.1 percent. This percentage was measured with our average production rate of 15 million to 20 million units annually. 

Since we tell our customers to be aware of where their vape carts come from and who makes them, we take the same advice for ourselves when it comes to picking manufacturing materials. Our products are certified and compliant with the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances standard, which regulates toxic material usage in electronics. We value social responsibility and only work with certified and trustworthy production companies in China and Europe. Since the materials are truly what make the product, we pick compliant and top-quality substances for every order. 

Our private-labeled products come from an esteemed team of enthusiastic people who take quality control seriously. Their meticulous work ethic is evident in everything from initial production to logistical planning. When the process is complete, we give customers a full report that shows our quality standards. This is our way of showing that transparency is important. If a cart fails the QC inspection, it is simply sent back and re-manufactured. 

For immediate product needs, we conveniently ship most of our standard vape carts and 510 thread batteries speedily from one of our multiple USA warehouses. However, private-labeled products usually take a minimum of 12 business days to ship. Full support from The Blinc Group, which is our parent company, is included with every product from Puffmen. The support team is comprised of well-trained people who know how to handle everything from formulation to logistical concerns, and they are skilled at finding effective solutions quickly.