There are many different vape carts on the market, but not all of them are the best quality. A vape cart's origin, safety and compliance with international standards are all crucial elements for you, the user. Puffmen sells Ultraflo vape carts, which are manufactured at facilities in Shenzhen, China that have full ISO and cGMP certification. The factory where our products are made is one of only four of the 600 factories in China that are fully certified and that adhere to international safety and manufacturing standards. 

Too many companies overemphasize the quality of their oil but neglect the importance of a well-made cart, but the wrong cart can ruin everything. Carts that are poorly made or that are not right for the oil being used deliver a subpar experience. Even the best-quality oil can be wasted in an inferior cart. Puffmen only sells vape carts that have ceramic heating elements. With the X-Pro collection, we have gone a step further to make sure the user experience remains consistent throughout the cart. 

We also guarantee a low failure rate of less than 3 percent. Our average failure rate is under 0.1 percent among the 15-20 million units of our top-selling products sold annually. We only source materials from producers in Europe and China who are reputable and certified. This is because we believe that the quality of materials is critical to the quality of the finished product. Our products also are certified and compliant under the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances criteria. RoHS certification regulates e-cigs and other toxic materials used in electronics. 

Ordering a private labeled product from Puffmen is not just about making a transaction. You are making a contract with an entire team dedicated to delivering the best possible product to you. Our China-based team ensures quality control every step of the way, starting with sourcing and moving to production, shipping and logistics. Any vape carts that do not meet our stringent quality standards are discarded, and your new one will be made again from the beginning. You'll get a full report from our team and have the final word on the product. This method allows us to ensure our quality remains consistent and that we are as transparent with you as possible. 

If you would prefer that your product be shipped immediately, we have many 510 thread batteries and vape carts in warehouse throughout the United States. However, if you have a little more time and would prefer a privately labeled product, we can design, package and ship it to you in 12 business days. The Blinc Group, our parent company, is available to provide you with full support and tested solutions at every step of the process, including incubating, formulation, filling, logistics or packaging.