When you make a purchase anywhere, you expect the assurance that the seller regards it as a quality product. The response that you get can convince you to buy it or not. Any purchase deserves the full recommendation of the seller as a sign of quality, and almost everyone insists on it. The same rules apply to buying a vape cart, and some facts about its country of origin and safety can influence a buying decision one way or the other. In our Puffmen product line, we offer the complete assurance of the safe and compliant status of our vape carts. 

Distinguishing Levels of Quality 
While you may not realize it, no two vape carts appear exactly alike. Differences exist between manufacturers as well, often on points that contribute to significant differences in quality. The excellence of the manufacturing process of our Puffmen Ultraflo vape carts stands as a guideline when you want to choose quality. Manufactured at our facility in Shenzhen, China, our vape carts meet the strict requirements of ISO and cGMP certifications to assure you of the best content. With more than 600 factories located in China, you may safely assume that not all of them comply with demanding standards. Only four of the total do so, and we use one of them. 

Supplying the Heat 
Our entire line of Puffmen vape carts comes with ceramic heating elements, a quality feature that we choose for our clients. We know that the ceramic elements provide an even and consistent experience throughout, from the top to the bottom of each of our carts. Our latest X-Pro product further ensures evenness and consistency. Many companies do not place the significance on the user experience that we do even though it matters greatly to users. We place a high priority on it because we understand that the taste and quality must come through in every cart. 

Counting on Performance 
With the volume of our sales of Puffmen products at 15 to 20 million units every year, we can guarantee a low failure rate that falls below 3 percent. Our statistics show that the actual average failure rate lies much lower at 0.1 percent, a good reason to buy Puffmen products for reliability as well as quality. We source our materials from certified and reliable producers across Europe and China, and they meet the certification and compliance requirements of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). 

Enjoying a Private Labeled Product 
You can have a label that makes your vape carts unique, and it receives the approval of our strict quality control process. We provide a report on the quality tests for your approval or rejection, and we enforce the strictest quality measures to ensure transparency. 

Providing Convenient Access 
To meet our customer demand, we can ship many of our vape carts and our 510 thread batteries from warehouses across the United States in as little as 12 business days. Each product carries the full support of The Blinc Group, Puffmen’s parent company.