Are you looking for a vape cart? If so, you must pick one that meets the top safety and quality standards, and you need to verify that your product comes from a reputable manufacturer. Not all companies that manufacture vape cartridges use the highest standards, and customers who buy their products may be unhappy. In China, only four out of the 600 factories use the highest standards and are completely certified through cGMP and ISO. Puffmen is one of those companies, and we take both quality and safety seriously. 

Ceramic heating elements are standard in all high-quality vape carts, which is why we don't use any other type. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line vape cart, our new X-Pro products offer a seamless experience each time. Unlike most companies, consistency is one of our top priorities. If there is consistency, the user experience is always optimal. Although many manufacturers make excellent oils with amazing taste quality, that taste quality cannot be appreciated by a customer if the design is poor or if the materials aren't compatible with the oil. 

Another important consideration is a company's failure rate, and ours is one of the lowest. To show our commitment to reliability, we have a guaranteed maximum failure rate of just three percent. However, our actual failure rate is much lower. Puffmen's yearly manufacturing rate is between 15 million and 20 million vape carts. From that amount, less than 0.1 percent of the units fail. 

Since we believe that a product's quality comes from the materials and methods that are used to make it, responsible sourcing is another one of our priorities. Our compliant suppliers are reputable companies that are located in Europe and China. They are fully certified and meet all RoHS requirements. Enacted by the European Union, this standard addresses toxic materials that are often added to electronic devices such as e-cigarettes. 

Are you interested in a private-labeled Puffmen vape cart? If so, you'll receive our signature service. Our energetic team members are passionate about making your experience optimal from sourcing and quality control to shipping care. If a vape cart doesn't pass the QC test, we send it back for complete remaking. You'll also receive a full report from the quality control department, and we encourage you to examine the order yourself to ensure your satisfaction. Our fully transparent and detailed reports are our way of showing you how much we value your trust. 

When you need 510-thread batteries or regular vape carts fast, we can ship most of these orders immediately. Since we have several American warehouses, you'll receive the shipment quickly. However, we ask that you allow more time for our private-labeled products to arrive. With the design, production, packaging and shipping processes, it takes at least 12 business days for a private-labeled order to leave our production facility. For all Puffmen product concerns, you'll also enjoy the benefit of useful and quick support solutions from The Blinc Group, which is our parent company.