Tremendous variation exists between the quality, reliability and safety of different vape carts. One factor affecting this variation is the product’s origin. Many vape carts are produced in more than 600 Chinese facilities. However, only four production facilities throughout the country comply with international standards for safety and manufacturing. Ultraflo products from Puffmen are produced in one of these few facilities in Shenzhen that is compliant with ISO standards and also cGMP-certified. By purchasing Puffmen products, you can feel confident that you are buying a safe product. 

This is only one of many measures taken by Puffmen to ensure consistent, quality and safety. Puffmen is not alone in its production of exceptional vape oils, but the user’s experience with any oil is reliant on the cart’s design and materials. Each Puffmen vape cart is equipped with a superior ceramic heating element, and our X-Pro collection has additional advanced features superior distribution from end to end. These advanced design features ensure that Puffmen users have an amazing, consistent experience. 

The European Union has created special restrictions for electronic products, including electronic cigarettes, and their materials. These rules govern the “Restriction of Hazardous Substances." All of Puffmen’s suppliers in China and Europe have the RoHS certification as proof of full compliance. Through this and other efforts to ensure quality, Puffmen confidently guarantees a failure rate of less than 3 percent. A user’s experience is directly linked to the product’s failure rate. With up to 20 million Puffmen vape cart units produced annually, the actual failure rate consistently remains at or below 0.1 percent. 

Puffmen’s private label orders receive specialized handling from our design, production and quality control teams in China. Quality control inspections are completed at strategic stages, including with materials sourcing and production. Each private label customer services a detailed quality control report before an order is shipped. Products failing our intensive quality control inspection process are pulled and re-done before being shipped to the customer. In addition to ensuring superior and consistent quality, this process also provides essential transparency. 

Vape carts as well as 510 thread batteries are housed in conveniently-located warehouses across the U.S. With our large inventory and numerous warehouse facilities, we can quickly fill orders for prompt delivery. We also maintain a streamlined process for private label orders. Within 12 business days, the design, production and packaging of your private label order can be completed. This timeframe also includes quality control inspections and shipping. Our parent company, The Blinc Group, provides full product support with exceptional customer service. Our management and support teams are available to assist with processing, design, packaging and more, and our focus is always on quality and consistency.