What's important to you when you shop for a vape cartridge? For most people, reliability is a top concern. Puffmen's Ultraflo vape cartridges are designed to be reliable, safe and consistent. Our products are made in Shenzhen, China. Only a few of the hundreds of production facilities that make these products have ISO certification in addition to meeting the strict standards of the CGMP. We are proud to call ourselves one of those companies. 

A consistent or uniform user experience is only possible when the strictest safety and production standards are followed. Many companies fail to make this a priority. However, we always take steps to ensure full consistency, and that's evident in our X-Pro line of products. As it is with every other Puffmen vape cart, the heating elements consist of ceramic. Do you like to buy premium oils? If you do, you can appreciate and taste their full quality with a good vape cartridge. Products that are made improperly won't yield the best taste or even a consistent taste. 

Another important part of a uniform experience is the longevity of a vape cart. Many people say that their cartridges fail quickly, and we don't want this to happen to you. Our company maintains a low failure rate that is not even .1 percent. This percentage was measured from the millions of units that we sold last year. 

Are you concerned about the origin of a vape cart's materials? We are concerned about them for safety and quality reasons. A vape cart is only as good as the substances in it. We're dedicated to working with suppliers that maintain a good reputation and the proper certifications. If they don't follow the RoHS rules from the EU, we don't work with them. Our Chinese and European producers follow these rules to ensure that vape cart materials aren't toxic to consumers. 

Our China-based crew of hardworking and meticulous inspectors and designers make sure that each order matches our strict production rules. With any private-label cartridge, we also give you a printout of our inspection report. The quality control division provides this as a way to show our transparency, and your approval is the final authority on our products. If you're not happy, we'll make it right. When our QC evaluation experts see an item that doesn't meet the rules, they send it back to be scrapped and made again. 

Since we have several warehouse locations in America, we can fill most orders for regular products or replacement batteries immediately. Do you prefer a private-label cartridge? If so, please allow a minimum of 12 days after your order is placed to give us time to design, evaluate and ship your cartridge or cartridges. If you have any problems or questions about your vape cart after it arrives, we encourage you to contact our support team. They can help with most issues. Support is provided by The Blinc Group.