Your first consideration when buying a new vape cart should be its origin. If you do not know from where your vape cart came or from what it was made, you cannot ever feel sure of how safe it is. When you choose Ultraflo vape carts from Puffmen, you can immediately know that your entire product is safe because it has been made in an ISO and cGMP-certified facility in Shenzhen, China, that has been recognized as compliant by the international community. Although only four out of over 600 Chinese factories are compliant, we choose to use only the best for all our Puffmen products. 

Every Puffmen vape cart has a ceramic heating element, including the newest vape cart type called the X-Pro. By using ceramic heating elements, your vaping experience will always be of the highest quality. You will always get the best heating of your oil and the best flavor. If you have used a poor-quality vape cart in the past, you may be amazed at just how great a Puffmen option can make your oil taste. 

In addition, each Puffmen vape cart is backed by an incredibly low rate of failure. We guarantee a less than 3 percent failure rate for any product you purchase from us, and the majority of our bestsellers, which sell up to 20 million units every year, have a rate of under 0.1 percent. Our low failure rate can mainly be attributed to our excellent manufacturing processes as well as to the high-quality materials that we insist on using every time. Every material used in our factories comes from compliant European and Chinese sources that we thoroughly trust. Every end product sold through Puffmen is RoHS-certified by the European Union for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Whenever you choose Puffmen, you are choosing a toxin-free and completely safe vape cart for your enjoyment. 

Our management and client support teams are based in China, and they work with you and all other customers who prefer private-label products. Whether you need help working on the design, the labeling, the production or the shipment of the product or simply want information on the quality of your cart, they are always here to help. Our team also checks the quality of each product manufactured for Puffmen before sending it out and gives you a copy of the quality control report for full transparency. We want you to feel confident with any Puffmen product that you order or buy. 

If you prefer the private-label approach, you will have the full backing of our client support team in China. You may even be able to get your finished products in under three weeks. However, if you prefer a basic Puffmen product or need something faster, we sell many vape carts and 510 thread batteries through several warehouses in the United States. When you want a quality product that is backed by a caring team of hands-on professionals, choose vape carts through Puffmen and our parent company, The Blinc Group.