When you have a chance to buy something that has superior functionality and performance, a purchasing decision becomes a simple matter. A comparison with similar products can confirm the differences and lead to making a reliable purchase. Puffmen products offer the assurance of quality and performance that our customers prefer and choose time after time. 

Choosing a Quality Product 
It makes sense for the best vape carts to come from a manufacturing facility that fully complies with ISO and cGMP standards. Our Ultraflo line for Puffman carts comes from one of only four of 600 factories in China that do so. Our safe and compliant vape carts provide the quality that our customers expect and deserve. Produced in Shenzhen, China, they comply with international manufacturing and product safety standards. We know that no two vape carts look the same, and manufacturing creates differences as well. Ours offers a superiority that makes it a preferred choice. 

Making a Difference 
The ceramic heating elements in all vape carts that Puffmen sells affect the taste and quality of the user experience. We have high confidence in them and the user satisfaction that they provide. Our latest X-Pro line offers an even higher level of evenness and consistency from the top to the bottom of each cart. Our experience confirms that the consistency of user experience matters deeply to our customers, and we put it on the top of our list of priorities to deliver. The ceramic elements allow the oil to deliver the taste and quality that discerning users prefer. 

Getting a Guarantee of Low Failure Rate 
With annual sales of 15 to 20 million vape carts each year, we can authoritatively cite the failure rate of less than 0.1 percent. We guarantee a rate of less than 3 percent, but tests show a much lower result. The extraordinarily low rate stems from the RoHS certified and compliant products that we source from top suppliers across Europe and China. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances requirement, a criterion of the European Union, regulates the use of toxic substances in electronics such as e-cigs to prevent them from entering the waste stream. 

Creating a Private Labeled Product 
The quality control practices that we institute give you the assurance that you need when creating a private labeled product. Our QC standards control every aspect of production from sourcing through final inspection, shipping and logistics. We ensure transparency by providing a report on findings by the quality team that starts the production process over from scratch when a failure to meet standards occurs. 

Meeting Customer Demands for Shipping 
Our warehouses across the U.S. allow us to provide prompt service and immediate shipping of many of our vape carts and our 510 thread batteries to customers without delay. We can ship a private labeled product in as little as 12 days, with the full support of the Puffmen parent company, The Blinc Group. Our client support team can offer assistance with formulation and filling, packaging, incubating and logistics.