When selecting a vape cart, the quality, safety and reliability of the product requires careful review. The materials, production process and focus on maintaining compliancy standards varies dramatically. In fact, more than 600 vape cart production warehouses are scattered across China, but only four of these facilities are certified as compliant with ISO and cGMP standards, which are international standards for product safety and manufacturing. Puffmen’s Ultraflow vape carts are produced in one of these four certified facilities in Shenzhen, China. 

In addition to focusing on compliance with international standards, Puffmen strives to provide the user with a consistently superior experience. Many vape carts are used with quality oils, but the user experience is nonetheless minimized because of a poor vape cart design. The X-Pro collection from Puffmen features exceptional ceramic heating elements to ensure that the entire vape cart functions consistently with each use. This ensures that users enjoy the full experience when using their preferred quality oils in our well-designed vape carts. 

Puffmen sells between 15 to 20 million units annually while also maintaining an impressive reliability rating. With the profound effort that we take to ensure quality throughout the production process, we guarantee a failure rate of less than 3 percent. More than that, our actual failure rate is substantially lower at less than 0.1 percent. In addition to using high-grade materials from reputable suppliers that we have thoughtfully selected, trusted producers assemble these materials in certified Chinese and European facilities. The regulations for the “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” has been adopted by the European Union. It clearly establishes standards for the use and limitation of toxic materials in various types of electronic products, including electronic cigarettes. Our products are compliant with these standards and carry the RoHS certification. 

Puffmen takes the additional step to ensure the quality of each product offered to our consumers for purchase by maintaining a thorough, detailed quality control inspection process. Our quality control professionals carefully review our products and assemble their findings in a detailed report. Sub-par products that fail to meet our lofty standards are returned to the line to be re-assembled. Our focus is on ensuring that each product shipped from our certified facilities upholds the excellence that we have established and consistently lives up to our customers’ expectations. 

Our well-stocked warehouse facilities are strategically located across the United States. Through these facilities, we can immediately fulfill your order for 510-thread batteries and quality vape carts. In addition, we offer a full private-labeling process to meet your customized needs. Our streamlined process includes the completion of a private label design as well as packaging and shipping in 12 business days. We provide full support through our parent company, The Blinc Group. In addition, our skilled team assists with everything from formulation and incubation to packaging, filing and shipping. Puffmen has the superior vape cart solutions that you are looking for.