Vape carts or cartridges come in many different types and styles, and they cover a wide range of quality levels as well. As you are looking for a new vape cart, you must find one that is both safely and effectively made so that you can enjoy the best possible vaping experience. Our Ultraflo vape carts from Puffmen are made in Shenzhen, China at one of the four ISO, cGMP-certified facilities in the country. While there are literally hundreds of vape cart factories across China, most are not certified, and therefore, do not meet our stringent specifications for quality. 

You will also notice the high quality of each of our Puffmen vape carts while vaping. Our ceramic heaters and our ground-breaking X-Pro collection keeps us at the top of our game, ensuring that you enjoy consistently good results whenever you vape. If you have noticed that your prior experiences with vaping have not been positive, the problem may have been with a poor quality vape cart rather than with the quality of oil that you chose. 

Another obvious reason to choose Puffmen products is that we boast of an incredibly low rate of failure. Our guarantee to every customer is that our failure rate will be under 3 percent. While that number is already quite low, our actual failure rate is even lower at less than 0.1 percent for all of our 15 to 20 million vape carts manufactured each year. To keep our failure rate so low, we use only the best materials from European and Chinese sources. Each company chosen for materials is compliant, making our vape carts RoHS-certified through the European Union. This certification ensures that there are no hazardous or toxic materials in your vape cart. 

Whenever you choose a Puffmen product, you will know that it is backed by a full China-based management and support team that is committed to your satisfaction. Our team works with factories through every step of the manufacturing process while also ensuring that each final product matches our stringent specifications. Finally, the same team ships products to our customers. You can see full reports on all quality control measures for every product. We never send out items that fail our QC metrics. You will appreciate our full transparency about the materials and the manufacturing of each of our products that provides such a great vape cart for you. 

If you are interested in one of our pre-made vape carts or our 510 thread batteries, you can order them now from one of several US-based warehouses. However, we also offer privately labeled products complete with your unique design. These private-label products can be ready to go in less than three weeks. Whichever type of product you choose, you will always have the full support of Puffmen and our parent company, which is The Blinc Group. Our client support team can help you create the perfect product, design the right packaging or determine logistics that are just right for your needs.