Before you purchase a vape cart, you have to know where it came from, but first, you must know how to choose one that is going to be safe and compliant. Each vape cart is different from the others, and every vape cart manufacturer is also different from all of the others. At Puffmen, we sell Ultraflo vape carts, and they are only manufactured in facilities that are fully Iso- and cGMP-certified. More than 600 factories exist in Shenzhen, China, but only four factories are certified and follow the rules established under the international manufacturing and product safety standards. Puffmen products are manufactured in one of the four. 

Every vape cart that we sell contains ceramic heating elements. Our newest products in the X-Pro collection ensure that users always have the same experience no matter how they use their carts. It is imperative that users have the best possible experience every time they use their carts, but most manufacturers do not try to make this happen. These companies may have awesome oil, but their carts do not create the best taste because the carts are of poor quality and do not work well with the oil. 

At Puffmen, we guarantee that our carts are graced with a low failure rate. Our failure rate is under 3 percent, and we guarantee it! The products that we sell the most every year have a failure rate that is lower than 0.1 percent, and we sell more than 15-20 million units of them! The producers in China and Europe that we use are trustworthy and certified, so the materials that we get from them are outstanding. The products that we use to make our carts subscribe to the "Restriction of Hazardous Substances," so they are RoHS-certified and RoHS-compliant. This means that they adhere to the regulations set forth by the European Union for how toxic substances should be used. 

If you order a privately labeled product from Puffmen, your product will come from China where the team is committed to quality control in every aspect of its business, including shipping, logistics, final quality control, production and sourcing. After the product is complete, we receive a full report, and we have the right to inspect it and approve it or reject it. If the vape cart fails our final quality control check, we send the product back to the manufacturer, and the team builds it again from scratch. This way, we can ensure that we are being fully transparent and ensuring that you always have exceptional products. 

We have warehouses all over the United States, so we are prepared to ship our vape carts and 510-thread batteries immediately. If your product is to be privately labeled, it will be designed, packaged and shipped within 12 business days. The Blinc Group is our parent company, and it will provide you with full support for you and your product. You can call them whether you need help with formulation, filling, incubating, packaging or logistics. The solution that you need has been tested and is ready for you today.