Your first concern when purchasing a new vape cart should be the quality of the product, which is mainly based on the cart’s origin. At Puffmen, we pride ourselves on using the best materials put together in the most fully compliant factory in Shenzhen, China. The country of China has over 600 factories, but only four meet the most stringent compliance standards set forth by the international safety community. By choosing one of these factories, we have placed our priorities on the safest and highest quality Ultraflo vape carts possible today. 

You will also want to consider the quality of your vape cart’s construction. Every Puffmen vape cart is expertly made so that every time you vape, you will get the cleanest and best-tasting experience. Some poorly made vape carts actually change the flavor of the oil, making you think that the oil is bad when it is actually the cart itself ruining your experience. You will never have to worry about that with Puffmen products that all come with ceramic heating elements, including our expertly designed X-Pro options. 

There is no need for you to be worried that your Puffmen product will fail after you purchase it. We hold each of our products to high standards and promise that our failure rate for any product will be less than 3 percent. Today, our rate is actually at less than 0.1 percent on our bestsellers, which sell at over 15 million units annually. A prime reason for this is our insistence on using only the best materials that we source from compliant suppliers throughout China and Europe. Each material chosen meets our qualifications for being RoHS-compliant, allowing all vape carts to be certified in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in the European Union. 

You can always order private-label vape carts through Puffmen. When you choose private label, you will have the advantage of working with our full client support and management team which will stay with you throughout every step of the process. Your full support and their service will get you through the process of choosing materials, producing the carts, packaging the products and shipping them. Our team will also supply you with full quality control reports so that you can rest assured that your private-label products meet our stringent guidelines and are deemed exceedingly safe. If we determine that a product does not meet our quality standards, we will start the whole process over so that the products we pass on to you will be perfect. 

If you choose a private label option from Puffmen and our parent company, The Blinc Group, you can expect to receive your products in as soon as 12 business days. However, if you need a product sooner, you can choose from several varieties of vape carts and our popular thread batteries, which can be shipped immediately from several U.S.-based warehouses. The goal that we work toward is your complete satisfaction with the production process as well as the completed product.