Your vape cart should be safe and user-friendly. You do not want to purchase one that is made from known hazardous substances or that changes the quality of your oil. When you choose a Puffmen vape cart, such as the Ultraflo variety, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best. Our Ultraflo models are made in one of only four internationally certified manufacturing factories in China. While there are more than 600 factories throughout China, we choose one that meets our strict qualifications for safety. 

We also ensure that your Puffmen vape cart meets our high quality standards. You have probably experienced carts that did not give you a good vaping experience or that actually changed the flavor or quality of your oil. We use ceramic heating elements and the best design so that every part of your vape cart is designed for a premier experience. Our X-Pro cart collection is one example of our top-of-the-line standards. With our products, you always will get the best possible experience from any oil you use. 

In addition, you can rest assured that your vape cart will continue to work as promised because we insist on a low failure rate from our products. While we guarantee a failure rate of less than 3 percent, our actual failure rate on our best-selling products is under 0.1 percent, which is amazing because we sell more than 15 million products every year. The reason for our success can mainly be attributed to the quality materials that Puffmen uses. We only source from the top suppliers in Europe and China, and we only choose materials that will allow each of our products to be RoHS-certified. This Restriction of Hazardous Substances certification through the European Union can set your mind at ease knowing that you will not be inhaling any toxic substances. 

Every time you choose a product from Puffmen, you have the support of our entire China-based team at your fingertips. Our team is dedicated to high quality standards and takes part in every step of the production process, including materials sourcing, manufacturing and shipping. Plus, we produce a quality control report on every product that you can look through, giving you the transparency that you need to make a smart choice. If our vape carts do not meet our stringent guidelines, we send the entire product back to production, starting the process over so that you can hold the very best product in your hands. 

Our high-quality vape carts and many 510 thread batteries are frequently available through U.S.-based warehouses for quick shipments. However, you also have the opportunity to create private-labeled products through our Puffmen name and parent company, The Blinc Group. If you do go the private-label route, our team will walk you through every step of the process and help you get your product quickly, often in under three weeks. We can help you design your product, discuss logistics with you and ensure that the best shipping option is chosen.
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