Vape Carts
Before deciding on which vape cart is right for your business, you need to know you're buying from a trusted brand that ensures safety and quality. You want to narrow your choice across a wide range of manufacturers. Ultraflo vape carts stand out as that product. Puffmen offers these superior carts manufactured at cGMP and ISO certified facilities located in Shenzhen. Of the more than 600 Chinese factories producing vape carts, only four are fully compliant with all international manufacturing and safety standards. We source directly from the best of these locations. 

The finest ceramic heating elements are standard components in all our vape carts. The latest Puffmen collection, X-Pro, delivers a vape experience that stays even and consistent from cart top to bottom. This performance is critical to enhanced user satisfaction and customer loyalty. For example, many companies offer unique oils, but the tastes don't register with end users. This can be the result of not matching the right cart to the right oil, but it's more often due to low-quality, poorly produced vape carts. 

In addition to superior quality assurance, Puffmen stands out as your best choice for vape carts because we guarantee extremely low failure rates of less than 3 percent. In an average year, our top selling carts account for more than 20 million units. The failure rate for these products remains consistently below .1 percent. We only deal with certified, industry-recognized sources in Europe and China. We choose the finest materials from top suppliers with proven compliancy records. Our entire product line is RoHS-certified (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) based on strict criteria established by the European Union to regulate toxic material usage in electronics including e-cigarettes. 

When you need quality, private labeled products, you can order from Puffmen with confidence. You have our pledge as your team based in China. We deliver the best vape cart through premium sourcing, the highest production values and strict quality control. We excel in logistics and shipping, and we supply detailed reporting for your final approval at the end of the manufacturing process. If any problems occur that might compromise our quality standards, your order is replaced before shipping. This policy is your assurance of our complete transparency and the best possible experience for your end users. 

For your convenience, many of our 510 thread batteries and vape carts can be shipped immediately from multiple warehouses located across the USA. We design, package and ship private label products in less than 12 business days. Each delivery is fully backed by our parent company, the Blinc Group. Our client support team can help with custom formulation. We can advise you on incubating, filling, packaging and logistics. Regardless of your needs or location, you can trust Puffmen for solid support and managed solutions customized to fit your business and operations.
A purchasing decision puts power in the hands of the buyer, and the seller’s most persuasive arguments must focus on providing a convincing reason to complete a sale. Some companies promote a product as the cheapest on the market or the closest to a specific location. Puffmen vape carts rely on quality, and that gives us the most convincing sales presentation that our clients require. 

Considering the Motivation 
At Puffmen, our dedication to quality allows us to present the best product to our customers. While it may not occur to everyone to think about the origin of a product, it matters immensely to us. Each vape cart has a unique quality, and we know that no two appear exactly alike. More differences can occur between manufacturing methods. The consistency of the quality of our products starts in our facility in Shenzhen, China. Only four of the 600 factories in China comply with ISO and cGMP standards, and one of them produces our vape carts. We chose one that fully adheres to the international manufacturing and product safety standards that we require for our clients. 

Using the Best Components 
Almost everyone knows that the parts that go into the construction of a building, an automobile or a vape cart dictate the quality of the finished product. To produce the finest user experience for our clients, we equip Puffmen vape carts with ceramic heating elements. We take consistency to the highest level with our latest X-Pro collection that ensures evenness throughout each vape cart. We respect the value of the user experience that our clients require even though it can become an undervalued aspect of vape cart selection. Carts can affect the taste and quality of the oil, a fact that many manufacturers seem to overlook. 

Proving Quality with Statistics 
From our years of experience and the sale of 15 to 20 million units per year, we know that our low failure rate pleases our clients. We guarantee it to remain below 3 percent, and our studies show an even better rate of less than 0.1 percent. We can assure a high standard of quality with the materials that we obtain from the most reputable, certified and compliant producers in China as well as Europe. As with the ceramic elements, the constituent materials dictate the quality of our finished vape carts. Our products comply with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances that regulates the use of toxic materials in electronic units such as e-cigs. Our quality control team prepares a report on their findings for your review to ensure transparency in our process. 

Convenient Availability 
We recognize the importance of responsiveness, and our customers deserve it. To meet the demand for Puffmen products, we can ship many of our carts and 510 thread batteries from our warehouses across the United States. We can deliver a private labeled product to you in only 12 business days, and it comes with the full support of our parent company, The Blinc Group.