Safety and compliance with international standards should be one of your top priorities when purchasing a vape cart. Knowing the origins of your vape cart can help ensure that you are getting a quality product. Puffmen sells Ultraflo vape carts that are made in Shenzhen, China at one of just four factories in the country that are certified to full international product safety and manufacturing standards. Of the more than 600 factories throughout China, our products are made at one of the only ones with facilities that are ISO and cGMP certified. 

Our dedication to a consistent user experience sets us apart. Every Puffmen vape cart has a ceramic heating element. Too often, companies neglect the quality of the vape cart in favor of emphasizing the quality of their oil, but the best quality oil is wasted in the wrong vape cart or one that is simply a substandard product. With our new X-Pro collection, you can be sure of getting an even greater consistency throughout every part of the cart. 

We sell more than 15 million units of our best-selling products per year, and the failure rate of those products is less than 0.1 percent. Our guaranteed failure rate of under 3 percent is another reason to come to Puffmen for your vape carts. It is our commitment to making sure we use only the highest-quality materials, sourced from producers in China and Europe who are certified, that ensure we can meet this guarantee. We only use RoHS certified and compliant products, meaning they all meet European Union "Restriction of Hazardous Substances" standards that deal with electronics containing toxic material, including e-cigs. 

You don't just get a private labeled product when you order from us at Puffmen. You get an entire team in China that is working for you. Starting with sourcing and following the product through to shipping and logistics, the team monitors the vape cart, and any that fall short of our stringent quality control standards are not sold. We will redo the vape cart until it meets our standards and yours. With a report from the team, you will have the opportunity to approve the vape cart as well. We believe this transparency is key to the quality of your experience. 

We can also ship vape carts or 510 thread batteries to you immediately from one of our many warehouses throughout the United States. It takes just 12 business days to design and ship one of our private labeled products to you, and that includes the full support of the Blinc Group, our parent company. This team is on hand to help you with any element of your experience including logistics, formulation, incubation and more and to provide tested solutions.