Companies compete on the merits of their product, and we choose quality as our main strength. We have many others as well, but our reputation stands on the dedication we devote to providing the best product for our clients. Puffmen continually looks for and accepts innovative ways to improve our product, and all of it contributes to quality. 

Making a Careful Purchasing Decision 
The facility that produces our vape carts complies with ISO and cGMP certifications as only one of four factories in China to do so. In deciding to purchase a vape cart, the origin and safety compliance factors can make a big difference. No two vape carts look the same, and manufacturers use proprietary methods to develop their product. Ours offers a superior quality that reflects the high standards that we require for safe and compliant vape carts that come from our Shenzhen, China manufacturing facility. 

Choosing the Finest Components 
Some companies offer amazing oil, but it cannot produce a desirable user experience unless the components allow it. The taste and quality cannot come through if the type of oil has no compatibility with the vape cart. To provide the best user experience, we equip all Puffmen carts with ceramic heating elements. In our latest X-Pro collection, we ensure an even better experience for the user with consistency from top to bottom of each cart. The consistency of the user experience may not matter to some manufacturers, but it matters to us. 

Ensuring a Low Failure Rate 
Many clients choose Puffmen vape carts because of our guaranteed low failure rate of less than 3 percent. Our statistical percentage shows a lower rate of less than 0.1 percent. We have the volume of sales at 15 to 20 million units per year to establish a verifiable record at an extremely low level. Our suppliers across China and Europe send us the best product to ensure the quality that we demand. We comply with the European Union’s rigorous Restriction of Hazardous Substances guidelines that regulate the use of toxic materials in electronics like e-cigs. 

Checking Quality in a Private Label 
Our quality control team in China scrutinizes every aspect of production from sourcing through final inspection and beyond. They even watch the shipping and logistic processes to make sure of compliance with our standards. At the end of their review, they prepare a report of their findings. If any aspect does not meet our QC standards, they reject it and make the process start over from scratch. 

Responding to Customer Demands 
Our warehouses across the U.S. give us the capability to ship many of our vape carts and 510 thread batteries immediately to meet the demands of customers. We can even design, package and ship a private labeled product in 12 days, including working with you on formulation and filling, incubating and packaging or any other aspect of your order. Our client support team offers superlative service with the full support of our parent company, The Blinc Group.