While preparing to select a new vape cart, understand that the quality, reliability and safety of each product varies. A vape cart's origin, manufacturing processes and quality of materials vary and can dramatically influence your experience with a specific product. Consider that only four out of more than 600 production facilities across China are properly certified for accepted international safety and manufacturing standards. The Ultraflo vape carts produced by Puffmen are manufactured in one of these four certified facilities in Shenzhen. These facilities are ISO-compliant and cGMP-certified. 

Puffmen vape carts also excel in quality. Through an innovative ceramic heating element in all of our vape carts, our users enjoy a consistently excellent experience. Our X-Pro collection has a truly advanced design to promote full distribution from the top to the bottom of each cart. While Puffmen is one of several companies that has exceptional oils, the quality of the oil is not the only factor that impacts the user experience. A consistent, quality experience is reliant on the design of the cart as well. 

As you compare vape carts, the failure rate deserves close review. Between 15 and 20 million of our vape carts are sold annually. With this high volume, we consistently maintain a failure rate that averages less than 0.1 percent. Because we are confident in our products, we guarantee a failure rate of 3 percent or less. The quality of all vape carts is dependent on the materials used to make them, and we are able to provide a solid guarantee because of our focus on quality materials. At Puffmen, we only source materials from certified companies in China and Europe. All of our suppliers are compliant with RoHS requirements. The RoHS certification means that our suppliers comply with European Union standards for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances.” 

At Puffmen, we take the additional step to ensure quality by inspecting each private label product throughout the process. Our quality control team maintains standards and completes inspections for materials sourcing and production as well as for shipping and logistics. We compile a full quality control report outlining our findings for our private label customers to review. Before the product ships, you retain authority to approve the product. If a product fails to meet quality control standards, it will be re-done before being shipped. In this way, we maintain complete transparency and ensure quality and consistency. 

In strategically-located warehouses across the United States, our products are available for on-demand shipping to you, including vape carts and 510 thread batteries. We also offer a 12-business day turnaround for customized private label orders. This timeline includes design creation, packaging and shipping. We strive to ensure superior customer satisfaction by providing full support through our parent company, The Blinc Group. Our support and management professionals are ready to assist with formulation, packaging, incubation and more to meet your needs.