It’s important for anyone considering purchasing a vape cart to know its source and truly understand how to choose a compliant and safe product. Vape carts can differ greatly, and there are differences among vape cart manufacturers as well. Ultraflo vape carts, which are sold by Puffmen, are manufactured at facilities in Shenzhen, China that are fully ISO and cGMP certified. China has more than 600 factories, but there are only four that are truly certified and compliant with all international product safety and manufacturing standards. We manufacture our products in one of those four facilities. 

All Puffmen vape carts are furnished with ceramic heating components. Our newest X-Pro collection is designed to provide a consistent user experience, all the way from the top to the bottom of every cart. This consistent experience is an essential, although often overlooked, aspect of a quality vape cart. Several companies have wonderful oil, but, if their carts are poorly designed or not properly matched for certain types of oil, then the user won’t be able to fully appreciate the quality and taste. 

Puffmen products are also guaranteed to have a low failure rate, which is another good reason to purchase a Puffmen product. Our products are guaranteed to have a failure rate under 3%, and our best-selling products have an average failure rate lower than 0.1% (out of over 15-20 million units sold per year). We believe that quality products can only be made with the highest quality materials. For this reason, all of our vape carts’ materials are sourced from certified, reputable producers across Europe and China. We only select the best materials from the best, compliant suppliers. Additionally, our products are all RoHS-compliant and certified, which means they adhere to the “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” criteria created by the European Union (EU) to regulate the use of toxic components in electronics, such as e-cigarettes. 

When you select private label products from Puffmen, you can be assured you’re getting a team dedicated to quality assurance. Based in China, the Puffmen team takes care of everything involved in manufacturing vape carts (e.g., sourcing, production, quality control, shipping and logistics). We provide a comprehensive report at the end of the process and give you the authority to approve the final product. If the vape carts fail our QC tests, they are recreated from scratch before we ship them to you. We ensure our clients have full transparency into our process, and we provide a consistent experience for users. 

Several of our vape carts and batteries (510 thread) are available to ship immediately from warehouses across the USA. Private label products can be created, packaged, and shipped in as few as twelve business days. Each of our products also comes with the full support of The Blinc Group, Puffmen’s parent company. Whether you’re looking for assistance with formulation, filing, packaging or logistics, we have a dedicated client support team with tested and trusted solutions for you.