Compliance and safety are two critical issues to think about when you're buying a vape cartridge. Out of the hundreds of Chinese factories that manufacture these electronic devices, only a few are fully certified by the ISO and follow the rules of the CGMP. In fact, some companies ignore important regulations and produce unsafe devices or vape cartridges that fail quickly. Known for its popular Ultraflo vape cartridge, Puffmen is one of the few fully certified manufacturers. The production facility is located in Shenzhen. At Puffmen, we take pride in creating reliable vape carts. 

Our X-Pro vape carts are also gaining popularity because of the consistently seamless experience that they provide from top to bottom. Commonly overlooked by most manufacturers, consistency is an important aspect of the user experience. If your experiences with your vape cart are inconsistent, you're more likely to be disappointed. Poor manufacturing often leads to this, and a bad vape cart can even ruin the taste of the most expensive oils. We use the same meticulous standards with each product, and we include ceramic heating elements for optimal quality. 

At Puffmen, one of our core philosophies is that a vape cart is only as good as what it's made from. This is why sourcing responsibility is important to us. Our suppliers in Europe and China are compliant and fully certified. We never work with suppliers that don't meet the RoHS regulation that was set by the European Union. That standard is critical for consumer safety since it limits harmful substances in the manufacturing of electronics. 

Did you know that failure rate is an important part of picking a good vape cart manufacturer? Some companies have high failure rates because of their inadequate quality standards. We guarantee that our failure rate will never exceed three percent. However, our measurable failure rate based on the millions of products that we manufactured in the past was under .1 percent. 

One of the reasons why our products are so reliable is because of our dedicated team of quality control experts and production technicians. Private-labeled Puffmen vape carts go through a rigorous QC process. To show our honesty and appreciation for your business, we give you a complete QC report with your order and encourage you to inspect it as well. Any vape cartridges that don't meet our standards are just sent back and remade from scratch. 

Do you need more batteries or one of our standard vape cart designs quickly? If so, we keep many of our cartridges and 510-thread batteries in stock in our warehouses across the United States. We can fulfill most of these orders immediately. However, our private-labeled products take longer to produce, inspect and ship. Our team often ships a private-labeled order within 12 or more business days. With any order from Puffmen, you're entitled to free support from a team of qualified experts. The Blinc Group, which is our parent company, provides the support. From filling to shipping, they can help with any questions.