If you are thinking of purchasing a vape cart, you need to know where it came from, but you also need to know how to choose a cart that is safe and compliant. Every vape cart is different because there are several different vape cart manufacturers, and some are better than others. At Puffmen, we sell Ultraflo vape carts that are made at ISO- and cGMP-certified factories in Shenzhen, China. China has more than 400 of these factories, but only four of them are certified and follow all of the international manufacturing and product safety standards. We have our products made at one of these four factories. 

Every vape cart that we sell has ceramic heating elements. Our newest X-Pro collection makes sure that users have a dependable experience with every element of the cart. The ability to depend on the proper functioning of the cart is crucial to every customer, but most people ignore this fact. You can purchase fabulous oil from other companies, but it doesn't taste good, and it is of low quality because of the quality of the cart. It could also be because the wrong type of oil was used. 

One great reason to purchase your vape cart from Puffmen is because we have such a low failure rate. As a matter of fact, we guarantee that our failure rate will be under 3 percent. Each year, the products that we sell the most have a failure rate that is below 0.1 percent, and we sell 15 to 20 million units each year. Our vape carts contain materials that came from producers in China and Europe that are certified and reputable. We are aware that we can't say that our product is good if it wasn't made with the best materials, so our materials come from compliant suppliers. The European Union set up the "Restriction of Hazardous Substances" or RoHS to regulate how people use toxic substances in e-cigarettes. You can be assured that all of our products are RoHS-certified and RoHS-compliant. 

If the product that you order from Puffmen is privately labeled, it came from a team in China that pays strict attention to quality control and takes care of everything from logistics, shipping, production, sourcing and final quality control. After they are finished with everything, they provide us with a report on their findings, and we decide whether or not we will approve the product. If the product fails our ultimate inspection, it will be sent back to the factory and manufactured again from the beginning. This is how we ensure that there is full transparency and the quality that you expect. 

We have warehouses all over the country, so we are prepared to ship our vape carts and 510-thread batteries immediately. A product that we give a private label will be ready to be designed, packaged and shipped in just 12 business days. Our parent company, the Blinc Group, will provide you with its full support. Call our client support and management team for help with formulation, filling, incubating, packaging or logistics. We have the solutions that you need.