Not all vape carts are created equal. The purpose of all vape carts may be the same, but the actual performance of the product can vary depending on the brand's materials, design and overall manufacturing process. Therefore, before purchasing any vape cart, take time to know about the brand. Understand the vape cart's origin, and verify the safety and compliance records of the brand. For the best of the best, take Puffmen into consideration. Puffmen is known for its Ultraflo vape carts. These carts are made in Shenzhen, China. While there are more than 600 factories for vape carts in China, only four actually meet the standards for full ISO and cGMP certification. Puffmen is proud that Ultraflo carts and other Puffmen products are made at one of these four factories. 

The nature of the factory is undoubtedly important, but the innate quality of the design is also vital to the end product. If you want the best vape carts, look carefully at the way the device works. With Puffmen carts, the design has been perfectly calibrated for consistent performance. This is largely due to the fact that Puffmen uses ceramic heating elements. Ceramic allows for even, consistent heating, which means that the experience from top to bottom is equal. Many competitors focus on using the best oils, but the taste of a good oil is meaningless if the vape cart doesn't deliver. 

The design is not just about the quality taste. The design at Puffmen is also about efficiency. Puffmen guarantees a failure rate of less than 3 percent. Actual performance statistics for Puffmen's leading products indicate a failure rate of less than 0.1 percent. To achieve this level of performance, Puffmen starts with the essentials. When sourcing materials for its vape carts, Puffmen only works with reputable producers who have been certified by all proper governing authorities. This means that Puffmen works in accordance with standards from the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in the European Union. This is the premier authority that oversees the production of toxic materials like e-cigarettes. 

As a final protection for clients and consumers, Puffmen excels in quality control. After production, all vape carts are thoroughly inspected by Puffmen's elite quality control team. If any cart or other product does not meet Puffmen's standards, it is not shipped out. This is especially true for specialty orders. Every private labeled product from Puffmen is held to the highest standards for your ultimate satisfaction. The quality control team provides a full report on the process, giving the client the final say in whether the item is shipped or not. 

If you need a standard vape cart or 510 thread batteries, Puffmen has stock available for immediate shipping across the United States. Private labeled products can be fully designed and shipped in 12 business days or less. Puffmen is supported by its parent company, The Blinc Group, ensuring the best service for everything from product design to logistics. For your vaping needs, Puffmen is here for you.