Buying a vape cart isn't a decision to take lightly. That is why it's so important to do the research in advance. Make sure you know the origin of the vape cart, and you need to be confident that the final selection is safe and compliant with all regulations. Vape carts may all serve the same purpose, but the quality of the brand matters. For example, just consider Ultraflo. These carts are sold by Puffmen, which manufactures carts at ISO and cGMP certified facilities in Shenzhen, China. This is vital when you think about the fact that there are 600 factories making vape carts in China. Only four are actually certified to adhere to all international standards for product safety and manufacturing. This makes Ultraflo's origin especially noteworthy. 

The difference with Ultraflo is not merely its origin. The difference is also in the design. Puffmen creates vape carts to the highest standards by using ceramic heating elements. For the best experience possible, consumers can upgrade to the X-Pro collection for better consistency from the top to bottom of each cart. This consistency is often overlooked by other companies. However, it doesn't matter how good your oil is if you don't have a quality cart for equal performance time after time. 

There are still more reasons to be impressed by Puffmen. Puffmen is proud of its low failure rate. In fact, the company guarantees a failure rate of less than 3 percent. When you look at Puffmen's top selling products, which have sold nearly 20 million units per year, the failure rate is even better at less than 0.1 percent. This is possible because Puffmen sources the materials for its vape carts from reputable, certified producers across China and Europe. Puffmen makes sure all its products are certified by Restriction of Hazardous Substances criteria in Europe. 

With all of these factors considered, Puffmen is a name you can trust in vape carts. Based in China, the company is a team of solid players ensuring quality at every level of production. This starts with sourcing and goes through production. The quality control standards are paired with secure shipping and logistics. Better still, Puffmen doesn't expect anyone to take its word for it. Puffmen fully reports on its process. If any Puffmen vape carts fail the quality control measures, they are not even shipped. This is the promise that Puffmen makes to all its clients and consumers. 

Puffmen vape carts are highly variable depending on consumer needs, but the vast majority use 520 thread batteries and have options for immediate shipping from warehouses across the United States. There are also options for customization. Personalized design can be packaged and shipped within 12 business days. If all this isn't enough, Puffmen's vape carts are also backed by The Blinc Group, which is Puffmen's parent company. Therefore, no matter what your needs may be, Puffmen is here to help. From formulation to filling, from incubating to packaging, the Puffmen team has the options you need.