When it comes to vape carts, it's crucial to know where your device comes from so that you know if it's compliant and safe or not. Not all vape carts are created equal. In the marketplace, quality control is not standardized. Luckily for you, however, every vape cart we sell comes from a Chinese factory that conforms both to the International Organization for Standardization and Good Manufacturing Practices as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration. Of the nearly 600 factories in China, our Shenzen facility is one of only four that meets these rigorous standards. 

Each of our vape carts has a ceramic heating element. These elements heat the oil evenly to give you sensational, consistent flavor in your vaping experience. Anyone can design and produce fantastic oil. Without Puffmen's consistency, however, you won't get the full taste experience. We ensure all of our vape carts work with as many different oils as possible so that you never suffer dull, tasteless vaping. 

We have sold more than 20 million units, and the chief reason why is our products' low failure rate. That rate is less than 0.1 percent. Although we cannot guarantee that rate, we do guarantee a rate of 3 percent. We use only reputable, top-flight products of exceptional quality to build our vape carts. Every part is manufactured in China or Europe under the strictest standards of quality control. Any product assembled from parts is only as good as the quality of those parts. That's why we only use the best. In addition to meeting the FDA's demanding regulations, our products also meet the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances criteria. 

We're proud of our line of superb, private-labeled vape carts and other products. When you order one, you get our entire, dedicated team behind you. Outstanding quality control is our No. 1 priority. Even before we ship you your vape cart, you will have the chance to review out entire process before "signing on the dotted line." If something isn't up-to-snuff, we will rebuild your products from scratch and then present them again for your approval. Only after you approve will we send you your new products. Full transparency and trust are both central to our business. 

We can ship you private-labeled products in as few as 12 business days. Our standard products are available for immediate shipping. Our parent company, New York City's The Blinc Group, completely supports our processes. No matter what it is with which you need help, such as filling, packaging, incubating, or any other process associated with vape carts or the safe consumption of our oils, our team has the wherewithal, commitment, and integrity to devise and provide a solution for you.