The carefully planned purchase of a vape cart may require more thought than seems apparent on the surface. The key consideration involves quality assurance, a concern of every thoughtful buyer. One way to evaluate a product consists of checking its origin and the regulations that the country requires. The main thing that you want to confirm regards compliance with ISO and cGMP standards. Only 600 factories in China meet the requirements, and the one we use in Shenzhen, China does so. As one of only four that meet the standards, it provides the quality that we expect and demand for our clients. 

Fitting Vape Carts with Ceramic Heating Elements 
The refinements that we include on our vape carts reflect the respect that we have for our clients. The ceramic heating elements create an even and consistent experience that you expect and deserve. Our latest X-Pro collection makes the user experience even better. Many companies pay no attention to it, but it matters to us as a critical factor in the taste and quality of our vape carts. 

Valuing Reliable Performance 
Companies that have a product with a good performance record usually take pride in saying so, and we surely do. We know that the quality of our product assures you of a guaranteed low failure rate of less than 3 percent. In statistical measurements, we find that the rate actually falls below 0.1 percent. We achieve an extraordinary level by sourcing all constituent materials in our vape carts from reputable, certified and compliant producers across Europe and China. Each of our top suppliers complies with the criteria that the European Union formulated as the “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” (RoHS). It regulates the use of toxic materials in electronics such as e-cigs. 

Ensuring Quality Control 
Private labeled products that you receive from Puffmen undergo extensive testing by our quality control team in China. The scrutiny examines everything from sourcing to every aspect of production, and it does not end with the final step of quality control for product development. It goes beyond that to shipping, logistics and the presentation to you of a full report on their findings. You have the final say on the acceptance of the finished product, and a rejection means that the process must start over. We offer the ultimate in quality to ensure full transparency. 

Providing Prompt Response 
With warehouses across the United States, we can ship many of our vape carts as well as our 510 thread batteries immediately. We can even design, package and ship a private labeled product to you in 12 business days. With each product comes the full support of our parent company, The Blinc Group. Our responsive client support and management team stands ready to respond to any issues that you raise. We can help you resolve formulation and filling issues, incubating, packaging and logistics. You can rely on us to find a practical solution for any need that you express, and we welcome the opportunity to help.