Whether you're purchasing another vape cartridge or you're buying your first one, it's important to think about safety and compliance issues. Not every vape cart manufacturer uses the right safety and quality production practices. In China, a mere four out of the 600 factories that make these products boast the accomplishment of full certification with the International Organization for Standardization and with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices. Puffmen is one of those rare entities, and we make it our mission to ship only the best products to our customers. 

Our Ultraflo vape carts are popular, and our X-Pro products are commonly chosen by people who want the same experience each time. Companies that do not adhere to the highest standards often make products that are disappointing. If you have a vape cart that wasn't made right, even the finest oils won't taste right. We use ceramic heating elements and a strict set of quality standards when we make our cartridges. Puffmen understands that uniformity is necessary for long-term satisfaction, and that's one area that most manufacturers ignore. 

In addition to our high standards in manufacturing, we have high standards in sourcing. We believe that the best materials are needed to make the best vape carts, and that's why we work with Chinese and European companies that are reputable and fully compliant in their production methods. Also, we ensure their compliance with the EU's RoHS regulation to maximize safety for our customers. 

One important part of choosing a good vape cart that many people don't know about is a company's failure rate. We proudly stand behind our products, which is why we guarantee that no more than three percent of our vape carts will fail. From the millions of products that we sold last year, under .1 percent of them failed. 

With any purchase of a Puffmen private-label vape cart, you also have the assurance of a rigorous quality control process. Our manufacturing technicians and quality control inspectors work together to ensure that each item meets every standard. To prove that we're transparent and take quality control seriously, we give you a full report with your order. If any vape carts fail the QC inspection, they're returned to the production line and completely remade. 

We're not satisfied unless you're satisfied, and we offer excellent support through our parent company called The Blinc Group. When you purchase any Puffmen vape cart, you'll enjoy this perk. If you have questions about how to fill your cartridge or have a shipping inquiry, the support team will be happy to help you. They can also help you with other issues such as formulation and more. 

If you need any of our standard in-stock vape carts or 510 thread batteries soon, we can ship most of these orders promptly from one of our American warehouses. We may have some private-label Puffmen vape cart orders finished and shipped in as few as 12 days.