Better Vape Carts with Puffmen
Most people do not think enough about their vape cart. The quality of your vape cart has a huge impact on your overall experience. That is why you should take the time to research your choice for a vape cart before purchasing. To make your decision easier, consider Puffmen. 

Puffmen is best known for its Ultraflo vape carts. The secret to Puffmen's quality starts with its manufacturing process. Like many brands, Puffmen uses a facility in China. However, of the 600 factories that make vape carts in China, only four comply fully with safety standards. The Shenzhen factory that Puffmen utilizes is one of those four. This choice demonstrates just how committed Puffmen is to quality and safety. 

Puffmen does not just choose the best facility. The brand also focuses on the design of its vape carts. Other companies boast about the quality of their oils. Puffmen has discovered that the taste of the oil will never come through if the heating elements are not consistent. To combat this problem, Puffmen has innovated with ceramic heating elements. Ceramic ensures that the vape cart provides the same experience for consumers from top to bottom. This sets Puffmen apart. 

Moreover, Puffmen products are less likely to fail. The official stance from Puffmen is that a failure rate of less than 3 percent is guaranteed. According to Puffmen's statistics, however, its best selling products fail on average less than 0.1 percent of the time. Much of this performance can be traced back to the quality components in each vape cart. Puffmen has partnerships with certified producers in Europe and China. By using quality components, each vape cart from Puffmen is compliant with the guidelines set out by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. These European guidelines are the benchmark for quality control in electronics with toxic materials like e-cigarettes. 

Puffmen also provides custom orders for clients upon request. These private labeled products are handled with the utmost care. During the design and manufacturing, everything is fully documented. When the product is complete, the client is provided with a report about its condition. If the client has any concerns, the vape cart will not be shipped and production can start again. This is to ensure customer satisfaction at the very highest level. Quality matters to Puffmen, and this utter dedication is easy to see in every vape cart that is shipped. 

The production of the vape cart matters, but shipping and logistics are also important to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to provide fast shipment for orders in the United States, Puffmen also invests in warehouses in North America. These warehouses stock many of Puffmen's popular vape carts and 510 thread batteries. Custom orders for a private labeled product can be designed, packaged and shipped with a turnaround of 12 business days. This commitment to excellence starts with Puffmen's parent company, The Blinc Group. Overall, Puffmen is dedicated to providing its customers with a satisfying vaping experience with quality production, efficient design and fast shipping.