Picking the right vape cart means choosing one that comes from a reputable and compliant company. If a production company doesn't meet the highest safety and manufacturing standards, you risk buying a vape cart that isn't safe or won't live up to your expectations. While there are hundreds of manufacturing facilities in China, only four meet the CGMP and ISO certification requirements. Puffmen is proud to be one of those companies, and we always ensure that our products help us maintain our good reputation. 

Our popular Ultraflo vape carts and our other products contain heating elements that are made from ceramic, which provides consistency. For the most consistent experience from top to bottom, try our X-Pro series. Unlike most competitors, we make it a top priority to create a uniform user experience for you each time. If a company's vape cart lacks consistency, it's probably due to poor design. This means that you can't fully appreciate and taste the quality in the best vape oils. 

Another important part of choosing a reliable vape cart is picking a product that comes from a company with a low failure rate. We sell tens of millions of our top products each year, and our measured annual failure rate is not even as high as .1 percent. To show that we care about reliability, our guaranteed failure threshold is three percent. 

At Puffmen, we believe that top-notch products can only come from high-quality materials. This is why our Chinese and European suppliers meet the EU's strict RoHS regulation. It was enacted to protect people from toxic substances being added during the manufacturing process for electronics. Also, our suppliers are all reputable and compliant entities that make social responsibility as high of a priority as we do. 

Puffmen's private-labeled products are made by skilled technicians and are inspected by a team of experienced quality control staff. One benefit that we offer our customers is a full QC report. We do this because transparency is important to us, and you deserve to know every detail about your vape cart's production process. If a vape cart arrives at the QC inspection point and does not pass, the inspectors send it back to be rebuilt from scratch. Our dedicated team members make sure that the entire process from purchasing and design to production and shipping meets your needs. 

When you need batteries or one of our standard vape carts quickly, we can fill most orders immediately. Since we have several storage facilities throughout the United States, you receive your order speedily. Private-labeled vape carts take time to design, produce, inspect and package. However, we can often finish the process within a minimum of 12 business days. Our parent company, which is called The Blinc Group, offers support for each of our products. You can contact a team of knowledgeable people who can help you with everything from questions about filling your cartridge to shipping concerns. Rest assured that they'll help you find an effective solution.