Vape Carts
The sale or purchase of a quality product brings satisfaction to the buyer and the seller. With competing products on the market, a seller who has a reputation for reliable performance has earned a competitive edge that makes a continuing business relationship possible. At Puffmen, we take pride in the reputation that we have built over the years and the loyalty that our clients show by returning time and again. 

Competing for Business 
Our reputation relies on the production of a quality product, and we devote our efforts to maintaining it. While some buyers may not bother to look at the manufacturing location of vape carts, it matters to us. Even though no two units look the same or have the same manufacturing process, we focus on our production capabilities. From our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, we produce vape carts that comply with ISO and cGMP standards. Four of the 600 factories in China observe the stringent requirements, and we chose one of them to produce our product. 

Selecting the Best Components 
We know that ceramic heating elements produce the best user experience, and we constantly endeavor to find the best components for our products. Our latest X-Pro collection elevates the user experience to an even higher level. While many companies seem to disregard the importance of the consistency of user experience, we value it highly. No matter the excellent quality of oil, the components can prevent its taste and quality from reaching the user. 

Our reliance on producing the highest quality vape carts for our customers gives us an advantage with a low failure rate. We guarantee to keep it below 3 percent, a highly satisfactory result. However, studies of our failure rate remain at less than 0.1 percent, based on the annual sale of between 15 and 20 million units. Our clients carefully evaluate our product and compare them with other manufacturers, and the volume of our sales represents our position in satisfying customers. The quality of our source materials that come from the most reputable and certified producers in China and Europe provides the basis for the high quality of our product. All Puffmen vape carts comply with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances requirement. 

Checking with Quality Control Teams 
Our insistence on providing a superior product for our clients requires a dedication to quality control, and our team provides it. They scrutinize every step of the process from sourcing materials to production and inspection of the final product. Even then, they still have more work to do. They examine the shipping and logistics processes as well. When they finish, they produce a report on their findings for your approval. A failure anywhere along the line means starting over. 

Delivering the Product 
Our warehouses across the U.S. make shipping our vape carts and our 510 thread batteries fast and efficient. You can get a private labeled product in 12 days, and it carries the prestige of the Puffmen parent company, The Blinc Group.