The safety, reliability and quality of vape carts vary significantly. A closer look at a product’s origin as well as the manufacturer’s production standards may assist in your selection of a safe, high-quality vape cart. In China, vape carts are produced in more than 600 facilities. However, only four Chinese production facilities are compliant with ISO regulation and have a cGMP certification. Puffmen Ultraflo vape carts are produced in Shenzhen in one of these four certified and compliant facilities. This enables you to select an Ultraflo vape cart with confidence in its safety. 

Puffmen’s focus is equally on ensuring that each user has a consistent and exceptional experience with its products. While numerous producers offer outstanding oils, oil flavor and quality are not the only factors influencing user experience. Puffmen vape carts have a specialized ceramic heating feature. This heating element evenly distributes heat to promote consistency. Our X-Pro products contain an advanced heating element for end-to-end distribution. Through thoughtful product design, Puffmen products deliver consistently superior experiences. 

The reliability of the vape cart also requires review as you prepare to make your selection. The “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” rules were established by the European Union to regulate the use of toxic materials in electronic products like e-cigarettes. To further ensure quality, Puffman only uses suppliers that meet the RoHS certification requirements. By doing so, Puffmen can stand behind its guarantee of a failure rate below 3 percent. Our actual failure rate averages less than 0.1 percent annually while we produce 15 to 20 million units per year. 

Our private label orders are produced with high quality standards as well, and maintenance of these standards is upheld through a solid quality control system. In our China facility, our quality control compliance team analyzes each private label at specific stages throughout the product. This includes with material sourcing and throughout production. Our private label customers each receive a report detailing the quality control team’s finding. All products that fail our stringent quality control inspections are returned to the production pipeline. Our quality control inspections ensure consistently superior products and promote transparency to our customers. 

Puffmen fills orders for 510 thread batteries and quality vape carts quickly by maintaining well-stocked warehouses in key U.S. locations. We have also developed a streamlined production process for private label orders. Over the course of 12 business days, the product design through the shipping stage are completed. This expedited timeframe includes strict compliance with our quality control standards. By ordering Puffmen products, you will receive product support and customer service assistance from The Blinc Group, which is our parent company. Our support team maintains similarly high standards to ensure that you continue to have an excellent experience with our products.