Did you know that there are 600 factories in China that manufacture vape cartridges? Only four of them follow every rule from the Current Good Manufacturing Practices and the International Organization for Standardization. We are Puffmen, and we are proud to be one of those rare businesses. As a smart consumer, we know that it's important to you to research the manufacturer when you buy something like a vape cart. With our impeccable standards in quality, we're sure that you'll enjoy our vape carts. 

With our popular products such as the X-Pro and Ultraflo cartridges, you can see our commitment to quality. Every Puffmen vape cart has a durable heat element that's made from ceramic. With our production standards and excellent materials, we create vape carts that yield the same enjoyable user experience each time. When competitors don’t do this, you can’t enjoy the full quality of the top vape fluids. 

At Puffmen, we believe that composition material quality is directly related to total product quality. For this reason, we select our compliant supply companies carefully. They're located in Europe and Asia, and they all follow the rigorous Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive. This EU standard was made to protect people from dangerous materials going into electronic devices during production processes. 

We're confident that the combination of a good work ethic, premium materials and strict production standards is the recipe for success. This is why we guarantee that no more than three percent of our vape carts will fail. Although some companies have high failure rates, the rate that we maintain is under .1 percent. This fractional number was calculated out of 15 to 20 million units. 

Our workforce is made up of production specialists who follow every method carefully, and our thorough quality control experts ensure that every private-labeled device passes the toughest tests. We believe that it's important to be transparent, and we give you a copy of the QC report with your order. You can see what the analysis says, and you can inspect the product as well to ensure your satisfaction. The team members handle everything from the design phase to final shipping arrangements. Complete remaking is necessary if a vape cart doesn't pass the QC process. 

If you want to order batteries or one of our popular vape cart products, we can usually mail these items quickly since we have multiple storage facilities in the USA. However, our private-labeled products must go through design, production, inspection and packaging phases. This usually takes a minimum of 12 business days. With any Puffmen purchase, you can rest assured that help is easy to get when you need it. The Blinc Group is our parent company, and it provides reliable and effective support to all Puffmen customers. If you have questions about shipping, formulation, putting liquid in your vape cart or any other issue, the enthusiastic support technicians will be glad to help you.