“Let the buyer beware” has a long history of advising potential customers to know something about a product before buying it. Some purchases may not matter as much as others, but the quality of a vape cart makes a difference. Careful selection deserves your attention if you want a safe and compliant vape cart. 

Making an Informed Choice 
The country of origin and the reputation of the manufacturer give you points to investigate. You cannot find two identical vape carts, and manufacturers vary widely in their processing methods. We ensure the quality of our Puffmen Ultraflo vape carts by meeting full ISO and cGMP standards at our certified facilities in Shenzhen, China. More than 600 factories in China produce vape carts, but only four of them hold certification and adhere to international manufacturing guidelines and product safety standards. One of those four factories manufactures our products. 

We provide a consistent user experience even though it receives the least examination of any aspect of a vape cart. Our Puffmen line comes equipped with state-of-the-art heating elements to enhance consistency, and our newest X-Pro collection makes the even and consistent experience even better. Many of our competitors have amazing oil, but the user does not get to enjoy them. Poor quality or a bad match of the cart to the type of oil can prevent the user from having a good experience. 

Getting a Guaranteed Low Failure Rate 
All certified materials in our vape carts come from reputable producers in China and Europe. We know that any product reflects the quality of its constituent materials, and we choose only the best for our clients. We make sure that each product observes RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards for compliance and certification. The European Union (EU) formulated the RoHS criteria to ensure regulation of the use of toxic materials in e-cigs as well as electronics. 

Our guaranteed low failure rate of less than 3 percent gives you another reason to choose Puffmen as your preferred product. Our top lines sell between 15-20 million units each year, and the statistics show that the failure rate resides at less than 0.1 percent. 

Choosing a Quality Product 
Every product that carries the Puffmen label receives approval by our quality control (QC) team in China. The exacting process starts with sourcing and continues through production, ending with a final quality check along with a confirmation of shipping address and logistics. We provide a full report for your final approval. Any vape cart that fails to pass our QC standards must start over. 

For a unique experience, you may order a private labeled product and have it shipped to you within 12 business days. Our vape carts carry the full support of the Puffmen parent company, The Blinc Group. Our vape carts and batteries ship from warehouses across the United States, and our customer support stands ready to help you with formulation and filling, incubating, packaging and logistics or any other issue that interests you.