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Wholesale Vape Carts

Are you ready to buy private-label wholesale vape carts? It’s easy to get lost in today’s growing market due to the variety of vape carts available. You must consider the differences between vape carts plus the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer. The experts at Puffmen understand that you want to invest in the safest vape cart available, so we offer compliant and trustworthy Ultraflo vape carts that are produced in cGMP-certified, ISO-compliant facilities in Shenzhen, China. 

While there are more than 600 factories producing goods in China, there are only four certified facilities that are fully committed to following all safety standards applicable to products sold internationally. Every wholesale vape cart sold by Puffmen is produced in one of those compliant facilities because we’re committed to excellence in quality. 

You can also expect a Puffmen vape cart to come with a ceramic heating element. If you invest in our X-Pro collection, you’ll enjoy consistent quality from the top to the bottom of every cart. We believe that the user experience is tragically overlooked by many wholesale vape cart manufacturers, so we put a lot of effort into creating a consistently superior experience. It doesn’t matter how amazing the oil is if it’s placed in a low-quality or mismatched cart that interferes with the delivery of that spectacular taste and smooth delivery. 

Our commitment to quality extends to our failure rate. Our wholesale vape carts are guaranteed a rate no higher than 3 percent, and the average failure rate for our bestsellers is below 0.1 percent. We’ve sold more than 15 million of those bestsellers, and those low failure rates speak to the quality of our products. 

In order to produce vape carts of exceptional quality, you need materials of exceptional quality. Our desire to produce the finest wholesale vape carts available leads us to purchase the best materials available from the most compliant suppliers in China. We only do business with certified producers who share our commitment to quality. All Puffmen products are also RoHS certified. That means that they’re compliant with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances regulation for the use of toxic substances in electronic devices. 

You get more than a product when you purchase from Puffmen. Our vape carts are backed by a well-organized professional team located in China. We follow strict quality control procedures that ensure consistency from the initial material sourcing stage to production, shipping and logistics. We provide a full quality control report because we want you to make an educated decision when approving the final product. 

What happens if our vape carts don’t live up to our quality control standards? We start from scratch to create a new batch that meets or beats our quality limits. No order is shipped without a full pass from QC. 

Do you want to receive your vape carts fast? We maintain warehouses throughout the United States to ensure fast shipment of many 510 thread batteries and vape carts. We can often process a private label order from design to shipment in less than two weeks. 

Wholesale Vape Carts Fully Backed and Supported

All Puffmen products are fully backed by our parent company, The Blinc Group. That includes a managerial and client support team with proven strategies for effective formulation, incubation, logistics, packaging and order fulfillment. You’re never alone when you join the Puffmen team.

More than is the case with other consumer products, the quality and safety of the vape cart that you ultimately choose is of the utmost importance. Many vape carts may look superficially similar. But in terms of performance, quality, reliability and safety, there are huge differences between brands. 

Ultraflo vape carts that are sold by Puffmen meet the highest standards of quality. Made in Shenzhen, China, our vape carts are manufactured in one of only four fully ISO- and cGMP-compliant facilities out of the more than 600 factories in China. At Puffmen, we go the extra distance to deliver a safe, reliable and high-performance product. 

All Puffmen vape carts use ceramic heating elements. This is part of the secret to the incredibly smooth and consistent experience that Ultraflo vape carts deliver, from the first puff right up until the oil needs refilling. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of vape-cart performance. Unfortunately, too many manufacturers neglect this critical element, spending great time and resources developing knockout, flavorful oils but failing to design a vaping implement that can unlock their products’ full potential. 

Puffmen is also one of the most experienced and trusted names in the vape-cart-manufacturing business. We have produced between 15 and 20 million units each year over the last decade. And our overall failure rate throughout that staggering production run has been less than 0.1 percent. 

Our Wholesale Vape Carts Are Sourced From The Best Components

We strongly adhere to the philosophy that the end product can only be as good as each of its constituent parts. That’s why we have gone to great lengths to source only the best components from our suppliers in both Europe and China. Because our products involve heating oils that will be inhaled, remaining fully compliant with European and American health standards has been a top priority. As a result, our wholesale vape carts are fully RoHS compliant. 

For those looking for white-label vape-cart solutions, our team of expert staff can handle every aspect of your project, from simple labeling of ready-to-go products to help with the formulation of patentable vaping oils and cannabis-business incubation strategies. With Puffmen, you aren’t just getting world-class products. You are also getting top-flight service and global logistics expertise from a team that has proven itself to be the most capable in the industry. 

We also feature some of the highest quality-control standards of any vape-cart manufacturer. Any defective batch of vape carts that comes to our attention will trigger an automatic full remake of the entire batch. Simply put, we have zero tolerance for defective or compromised products. And our long record of total customer satisfaction reflects that. 

Although we can accommodate fully customized vape-cart orders, we also have thousands of units that are ready to ship from our warehouses located throughout the U.S. Our vape carts come in ready-to-go condition, with their 510-thread batteries preinstalled. All this means that our white-label customers can receive their full orders in as little as 12 business days. 

Lastly, every product that we ship comes with the full backing of Puffmen’s parent firm, The Blinc Group, one of the most respected and proven cannabis incubators in the industry. With Puffmen products, you’re not just getting world-class vaping products; you’re getting a partner who you can trust.