Liberty Series V9 SILVER 0.5ML CASE OF 100

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Most versatile cart in the collection with a removable center post and outstanding cup design. Just imagine how easy it is to fill this one! Those who tried, call it a truly unmatched filling experience. Bottom airflow paired with top adjustable airflow allows you to always get the vape you want and variety of finishes for this cart make it so easy to whitelabel.



Volume: 0.5ml (available 1.0ml)

Dimensions: 1.1cm x 1.1cm x 5cm

Tip: flute

Coil type: ceramic

Tank type: pyrex glass, metal

Intake hole size: 4 holes / 1.0mm, 1.5mm

Airflow: top, adjustable

Filling method: top fill with removable post

Resistance: 1.2 Ohm

Thread: 510 thread

Whitelabeling: yes, MOQ of 5K or more