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Now this vape is something special. Starting with the unique finish of the handle continuing to solid weight of the device in your hand and finishing with -you guessed it! - first class vaping experience. The device fits into your palm and you never want to let go of it, unless it is to change the pod, of course.  




Tip: flat

Volume: 1.0ml

Coil type: ceramic

Tank type: plastic

Intake hole size: 2 holes / 1.0mm

Airflow: bottom

Filling method: bottom fill

Resistance: 1.2 Ohm

Whitelabeling pods: yes, MOQ of 2,5K or more


Battery capacity: 420 mAh

Variable voltage: 3.5V - 4.2V

Battery settings: 3

Preheat: yes

Power saving mode: yes

Rechargeable: yes

Charge: Mini USB

Whitelabeling battery: no

Dimensions (battery + pod): 9,5cm x 2.0cm x 1.2cm